Our Areas of Focus

Our vision is a world where all communities have a strong voice in our political system through equitable representation. In North America, there are two key pre-conditions that are necessary to achieving this future. First, communities of color are educated, organized, and mobilized. Second, electoral systems are intentionally structured in ways that opens doors to communities of color, even when they are not the majority in a jurisdiction or district.

Build Capacity Through Census & Redistricting

The upcoming decennial Census presents a major challenge to equitable representation for communities of color. More Equitable Democracy partners with local groups by building relational organizing tools to track census engagement, conducting GIS research to identify geographies that may be subject to protections under the federal Voting Rights Act, and educating stakeholders about the upcoming redistricting process and electoral systems reform.

Advance State-Based Voting Rights Protections

With both California and Washington passing landmark state-based voting rights legislation, advocates have a framework for providing stronger protections than federal law. More Equitable Democracy partners with state and local organizations promoting civic engagement in communities of color to advance these ideas – through coalition building, research, and public education.

Support Local and Statewide Electoral Reform Efforts

Efforts to reform electoral systems at the state and local level can be extremely challenging. Not only is there little public awareness of the problems, the process for reform can be very cumbersome. More Equitable Democracy provides technical assistance to grassroots activists working in communities most impacted that includes strategic planning, meeting facilitation, coalition development, fundraising, and communications support.